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Father Ed Monk’s weekly “KneeMail” to parishioners and friends of Saint John’s Church



Corsicana, Texas, USA

“Kneemail” from Saint John’s Church



  June 10, 2018
Dear Parishioners and friends,

I will be away on a long-planned weekend away. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep a supply priest for a variety of reasons. Morning Prayer was the standard for Anglican Sunday worship for many years, and in some parts of the world remains so today.

Thank you to our officiants, choir members, readers, and acolytes for carrying on with our liturgy this Sunday morning. We will be in good hands. 

The Rev. Canon Edward R. Monk, Rector


Sunday June 10, 2018
Morning Prayer at 8:00am
Morning Prayer at 9:30am (Sung)
Nursery provide during the 9:30 service

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
5:15 pm – Evening Prayer
5:30 pm – Holy Eucharist

Ministry Schedule
Sunday, June 10, 2018

III Pentecost:  Proper 5

8:00 AM
Bob Kingman                  Officiant
Shellie O’Neal                   Lector
Penny Davis                      Acolyte

9:30 AM       
Tom Sheriff                      Officiant
Shellie O’Neal                  Sermon

Virginia Monk                    Lector
Shanda Vance                  Prayers
Jonathan  Monk                Crucifer
Penny Davis                     Altar Guild
Malinda  Veldman             Altar Guild
Austin Nixon                      Ushers
Kit Herrington                    Ushers

Sunday, June 17, 2018
IV Pentecost: Proper 6

8:00 AM
Fr. Ed Monk                       Celebrant
Shellie O’Neal                    Lector/Chalice
Jack Taylor                        Acolyte

9:30 AM
Fr. Ed Monk                        Celebrant
Virginia Monk                      Lector
Steve Avery                        Prayers
Pat Wollenberg                   Chalice
Ernest Alexander                Chalice
Luke Keathley                     Server
Dillon Stearman                  Crucifer
Barbara Jones                    Altar Guild
Pat Wollenberg                   Altar Guild
Conrad Newton                   Ushers
Ronnie Ragsdale                Ushers


Fr. Ed’s Schedule…Since Fr. Ed’s sabbatical has been postponed, he and the Vestry have agreed that he will take some additional time off this summer. His summer schedule will be:
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 1/2 day in the morning
Wednesday and Thursday: Full Days
Friday: Off
He will still be available as needed for pastoral emergencies.

 Brunch Bunch Sunday, June 24 2018Once a month, interested persons will be gathering for the monthly brunch.  Come for conversation and fellowship. Reservations are required. Normally, we will meet the last Sunday of the month. Brunch is on your own.  A sign up sheet is located on the bulletin board for Brunch Bunch. We will meet at at the Country Club on June 24, at 12:15 following the Sunday Bible School. Reservation will be under “St. John’s Church”

Free Family Movie Night:  Thank you to everyone who came for Family Movie Night. Even though we had to move downstairs due to the lack of air conditioning in the Parish Hall, we still had a great time. Special thanks to Brian and Amber Johnston for providing all the decorations, props, games and fun treats. And  to Steve and Annie Avery for helping with food and manpower on Sunday. Your efforts were very much appreciated!

Vacation Bible School: Vacation Bible School this year is June 18-22, from 9:30am to 12:00 pm each day at Westminster Presbyterian Church. We are needing teen leaders and a craft volunteer. Call the office if you would like to help. 903-874-5425. Save the date, for your kids, grandkids, and yourself to come have a great time!

Smoke Alarm installation ongoing: St. John’s in conjunction with the Red Cross will be installing smoke alarms in homes “free  of charge.” If you would like one installed in your home,please call the office and leave your name, address and phone number. There are some smoke alarms still available. If you or one of your neighbors needs one, please let us know. 903-874-5425

Ministry Schedule:  The Ministry schedule for the next quarter is out. Please pick up a copy in the Narthex or Parlor. Thank you

Will Writing Seminar-  The will writing will take place at the Keathley & Keathley office. This will allow more one on one time to better serve the individual needs of our members. Information will be available in the Church office and an info sheet will need to be filled out before you go. When you make your appointment, mention that you are with St. John’s. They look forward to helping us with this document that everyone should have on hand. Stop by or call the Church office for the form. 903-874-5425. Keathley & Keathley 903-872-4244


The Flowers on the Altar this Sunday are given by Charles and Jane Biltz:

“In Celebration of Daniel & Melissa Biltz on their 11th wedding anniversary.”

Celebrating birthdays this week: Hester Parker-11, Don Dahlberg-15, Tessa Johnston-15
For those celebrating anniversaries this week: Daniel & Melissa Biltz-12, Stuart & Celestina Hillock-14

For those in our parish family today: Betty Holland, Kyra Hooser, The Hubler family

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Pray for the Anglican Church of Mexico
In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Pray for St. Justin’s-Canton, Church of the Savior-Allen and Resurrection-Plano

Prayer List: The Prayer List was reset on Sunday, May 6, 2018. All names were removed from the list. If you have names you would like to remain on the list, please contact Annie at (903) 874-5425 orst.johns.corsicana@gmail.com

Forward Day by Day: The new Forward for the months of June-July is now available in the Parlor and in the Narthex.

Church Website:  We are please to announce that Mike Sutphin will be managing our Website! Thanks for stepping up Mike! We really appreciate your help!

Church Directory: Everyone needs to download a photo of themselves or their family for inclusion in our new church directory. Please see E-mail dated 1/19/18 from Fr. Ed for the link to the website, or Rena Sutphin for more information. If you would like to use a photograph taken by Fr. Richard or Jonathan Towles, please let Fr. Ed know. It is super easy to download a photo from your computer with just a couple of clicks and entering of names.

Inreach: Liz KIngman is always on the lookout for people who are willing to provide meals at times of illness or loss for our families. If you are willing to help, please call her at (903) 654-8332 or email atlizniking@gmail.com

Visitors welcome! They would love a card or visit!
Seley Fuller is at Heritage Oaks, Room 108. The address is 3002 W. 2nd Ave Corsicana, TX 75110.

Earl Bush is at Heritage Oaks. Please ask for Room #. The address is3002 W. 2nd Ave Corsicana TX 75110

Virginia Ray is at Twilight Home, Room 309. The address is 3001 W. 4th Ave. Corsicana, Tx 75110

Fr. Richard is welcoming visitors as well. He is missing all of you! Please call him ahead of time to let him know that you would like to stop by. 813 Royal Ln. Corsicana 903-602-5054 or cel 714-290-6712

The Ministry schedule for the next three months is available at the Narthex or Parlor. Please know when you are scheduled to serve.

St. John’s Logo Shirts: Our shirts arrived and were a big hit! If you missed out in ordering one and would like one, they are available at Custom T’s at 1712 W. 2nd Ave. Let them know that you would like to order a St. John’s Logo Shirt and they will take care of you!


Christian Education Classes are in session now.

For our Spring Adult Education class, we will be “On the Canterbury trail.” These classes will look at the thoughts, ideas, and ideals that make us distinctly Anglican.

Class 7 (June 17): What’s so different about Anglicans?
Class 8 (June 17): What does it mean to be reformed?
Class 9 (June 24): How do we live out our faith?
Class 10 (July 1): What does it mean to be Anglican?

AT HOME OR AWAY, be faithful in your Mass attendance, and bring us back a Bulletin from your travels.

THE FLOWER DONOR CHART FOR 2018 is in the Hall by the Parlor.  Sign-up to give flowers in memory or in thanksgiving of a loved one, or you may call or e-mail Annie at (903) 874-5425 ext 302 – E-mailst.johns.corsciana@gmail.com. What a great way to honor or remember those who are important in our lives! You pick the florist, pick your price range and then get to take the flowers home after the service (You will be billed directly by the florist. ) We will order 2, $45 arrangements for eachSunday. If you wish to spend more or less or have a specific occasion, please contact the florist. We have openings on the following dates:  Jul-22___ Aug-26___Sept-30

THE DAUGHTERS OF THE KING is an Order for Episcopal women founded in 1885.  We are a prayer and service group who meets once a month.  We regularly take part in worship, study, and aid our Clergy as asked.  If you are interested in more about us, please call or e-mail Rena Sutphin.

SOCIAL MEDIA: St. John’s maintains a Facebook page: “Saint John’s  Episcopal Church of Corsicana,” which you are invited to Like.  If you are so minded, you may “check in and share” to help spread the word.

MISSION & OUTREACH: The Mission & Outreach Committee is always looking for people who want to help with church & community based projects. If you like helping people, this is the group for you. Join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, May 15, at 6 pm in the Parlor.

Our Lay Eucharistic Visitors have been inducted into their ministry . They will be sent out to our ill and homebound parishioners on the first Sundayof the month. They have been trained, and subsequently licensed by Bishop Sumner to carry out this ministry for three years. The visitors are:

Helen Albritton, Pat Wollenberg, Ernest and Cecelia Alexander, Jim Witten, Shellie O’Neal, Malinda Veldman, Carolyn Chapman, John McClung, Jonathan Towles, Fred and Meredith Biltz.

The Vestry has appointed each of its members with a special area of concern for the coming year. Vestry Liaisons are not necessarily the chair of a particular committee. Committee chairs must still be appointed by the Rector, per the Canons of the Church. The purpose of the liaisons is to be the link between the work of the people of the church and the Vestry, and thus to keep the Vestry informed about the work and needs of the groups.

The Vestry member and their areas are:

Music and Worship- Barbara Newton
Barbara will be the liaison between the worship ministers and the Vestry. This will include Choir, Acolytes, and Altar Guild. Fr. Ed will still have final responsibility for the worship of the Church.
Communications- Malinda Veldman
Malinda will ensure that our website, social media, and other communication measures are kept up-to-date. Please speak to Malinda with any suggestions for communications.
Inreach- Liz Kingman
Inreach and Hospitality work hand-in-hand. As inreach liaison, Liz will make sure that the needs of our parishioners are met, including meals and visits. Fr. Ed and the Eucharistic Visitors will continue to supply the sacramental rites of the Church.
Outreach- Shellie O’Neal
As outreach liaison, Shellie will continue to help coordinate the work of Saint John’s in the community. Working with communications, outreach will seek to attract visitors to our church.
Hospitality- David Timmerman
As hospitality liaison, David will work to ensure that our regular schedule of parish dinners, brunches, and outings is maintained. Works with Inreach to coordinate events.
Nominating- Fred Biltz
As nominating liaison, Fred will lead the nominating committee to ensure that a suitable slate of candidates for Vestry and Delegates to Convention is proposed.
Building and Grounds- Ronnie Ragsdale
As Junior Warden, Ronnie is the liaison to the Vestry for the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds. Per the Canons of the Church, Fr. Monk is solely responsible for the use of the Church building and its furnishings.
Calendar- Cecelia Alexander
As calendar liaison, Cecelia will work with the Parish Staff to keep the Vestry informed of the calendar and activities of the Church.
Stewardship- Catherine Johnson
As stewardship liaison, Catherine will be responsible for coordinating the annual stewardship drive for the parish.

Copyright © 2018 Saint John’s Church (Episcopal/Anglican), All rights reserved.
Saint John’s is a church community in the Central Texas Corsicana area where traditional Anglican worship, community-minded service, and strong Biblical teaching are the foundation of parish life. We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of us all. We welcome those who are seeking a faith along with those who are seeking to practice their faith.Our mailing address is:
101 N. 14th St. Corsicana, TX 75110

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