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Father Ed Monk’s weekly “KneeMail” to parishioners and friends of Saint John’s Church



Corsicana, Texas, USA

“Kneemail” from Saint John’s Church

October 7, 2018

Dear parishioners and friends,

There are many passages of Scripture that talk about our heart.  In fact, there are over 1000 occurrences in the Bible.  This article will only mention a few passages about this broad topic but I want to begin by thinking what the “heart” means to us.  If you are a regular church attendee or someone that reads books dealing with spirituality you are probably very familiar with this concept.  But what is the “heart” and what does it mean to have a “hard heart”?

When Scripture talks about the heart it is not only describing that muscle that is going thump, thump, thump in the body but is also describing out inner being that includes our emotions, our intellect and our moral make up.  So, when the writers of Scripture talk about a hardened heart they are not obviously talking about the physical heart but a hardness of our inner soul that is resisting the will of Almighty God.  But we might ask, “What brings about this hardness of heart?”

Sin is ultimately the cause of a hard heart.  Sin often leads to pride which leads to individuals that are more interested in trusting in their own self than in putting our trust in God. One clear passage about the combination of pride and the heart is in Obadiah 3.  Obadiah 3 says, “The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rock, in your lofty dwelling,  who say in your heart, “Who will bring me down to the ground?”

This passage is a picture of pride (which means to elevate ourselves instead of elevating God) leading to a hard heart.  The pride evident here had led to deception which happens when we think that we do not need God but can handle things on our own.

As with so many things, we are the cause of our own hard hearts, by our own sinfulness, and failure to subdue that which lies with. The secret to a soft heart? Jesus says it: “Love God, love your neighbor.

See you in Church!



Evening Prayer at Holy Eucharist at 5:15 pm


Low Mass at 8am.
Choir Rehearsal at 8:30 am

Sung Mass at 9:30 am.
Nursery provided from 9 am onwards.

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Monday, October 8, 2018   
Coordinator: Malinda & Catherine
Pork Tenderloin  –  Ernest Alexander
Hominy Cheese Casserole  –  Liz Kingman                       
Green Salad  –  Annie Avery
Peach Half  –  Pat Wollenberg
Bread  –  Betty Jo Monk
Dessert  –  Irene La SusaWednesday, October 10, 2018
Coordinator: Malinda & Catherine
Meat Loaf  –  Malinda Veldman
Mashed Potatoes  –  Catherine Johnson
Green Peas  –  Fr Ed
Waldorf Salad  –  Fr Ed
Bread  –  Betty Jo Monk
Dessert  –  Liz KingmanFriday, October 12, 2018
Coordinator: Malinda & Catherine
Chicken Breasts  – Malinda Veldman
Potatoes Au Gratin  – Catherine Johnson
Green Beans  –  Peggy Kirkpatrick
Spinach Salad  – Malinda Veldman
Bread  –  Peggy Kirkpatrick
Dessert  –  Liz KingmanDrivers:
Monday: Kyra Hooser, Brian Johnston, M. White/M. Autry, S. Biltz/R. Biltz
Wednesday: Kyra Hooser, Brian Johnston, Kit Herrington, S./C. Biltz
Friday: Kyra Hooser, Brian Johnston, M. White/M. Autry, S. Biltz/C. Biltz

The Parish Office will be closed for Columbus Day, on Monday, October 8.

Thank you: To our Mission and Outreach Committee, everyone who helped, and everyone who participated to make our Saint Francis’ Day celebration such a great success!

Thank you: To everyone who brought books or donated towards the purchase of books for our Book Drive!

Thank you: To Liz Kingman and team for providing such a wonderful reception for the Watkins family.

We are in need of individuals to help with the following ministries:
Altar Guild: The Altar Guild takes care of the Altar, its vessels, and fabrics. Duty is once every 4-5 weeks. Please see Irene LaSusa or Sherry Stewart for more information.
Chalice Bearer: The chalice bearer assists at the Eucharist by administering the consecrated wine.  Duty is every 3-4 weeks. Please see Fr. Ed for more information.


For those celebrating birthdays this week:
David Johnston (7), Kim Johnston (7), Barbara Newton (9), Catherine Monk (10)

For those celebrating anniversaries:
Roy & Malinda Veldman (10), Steve & Sarah Keathley (13)


THE FLOWER DONOR CHART is on the bulletin board by the Parlor to sign-up to give flowers in memory or in thanksgiving of a loved one, or you may call or e-mail Annie Avery at (903) 874-5425 – e-mail st.johns.corsicana@gmail.com .  What a great way to honor or remember those who are important in our lives! Dates available: 11/25 & 12/16

THE DAUGHTERS OF THE KING is an Order for Episcopal women founded in 1885.  We are a prayer and service group.  We regularly take part in worship, study, and aid our Clergy as asked.  If you are interested in more about us, please call or e-mail Rena Sutphin (972) 935-3455 or renasutphin@yahoo.com.

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